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    Welcome to the Technology, Management?and Project Management blog?? –???

    Fear No Project ?
    . bruce-mcgraw

    I originally started this blog to share my thoughts on issues affecting project managers and project management.? Over the years I have come to realize that a lot of the subjects relate not just to Project Management, but also to managing people, harnessing technology, and general business best practice.? So I hope to continue the excellent dialog on Project management, but will include posts and related subjects on technology and organizational performance.???I am also fortunate to know?Dr. Karen McGraw, who is an expert in human and organizational performance, and have asked her?to share posts from her experience and knowledge.

    Sometimes the blog will be my own musings and sometimes they will be from Karen.? And some times?we will share contributions from professionals in the field(s) that?we respect and learn from.? I hope you enjoy and can use the content you find here. Please comment and share your thoughts and ideas on any area of interest in project management, technology?or general management!

    Bruce McGraw, PMP, PSM

    Dr. Karen McGraw, Ed.D

    ** Special Thanks to Silver Bear Group for sponsoring the blog this year!!

    8 Responses to “About”

    1. Camelia Ciolac Says:

      We are a group of international students attending the Summer Course in Project Management at the prestigious Utrecht Universiteit (The Netherlands).
      It is our pleasure to invite you to join the social network in Project Management that we have created in order to reunite both practitioners and theoreticians in the field of Project Management.

      Just copy &paste the following address into your browser and we’ll be there to welcome you :


      A variety of medias will wait for you there : Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Google Groups & Calendar and all the other tools that make knowledge sharing so easy and pleasant!

      We are looking forward to receiving your knowledge and experience in our social network!

    2. Jimmie White Says:

      Hi Bruce, I hope this finds you well. I wanted to say that I truly enjoyed reading through some of your posts and feel like they align well with my own ideas. I’m very dedicated to the preservation and advancement of our great profession and have recently started a PM blog at WordPress. I’m not sure how you feel about collaborating on PM issues, especially controversial ones such as your latest ones.

      There is one post in particular (The Accidental Project Manager – Part 1) and the announcement of your one coming up that grabbed my attention. I feel they might be complimented by a similar and very relevant perspective. Mine is called “Selling The Value of Project Management” and you’ll find it using the link below. I’d be honored if you took a few minutes to read it and provide your feedback. And, again, feel free to link to and convey your own ideas of it in your own blog.


      Jimmie White, PMP

    3. Outsourced IT North Sydney Says:

      Fresh. I like where you are coming from. ??

    4. Rachel Says:

      Hello Bruce,

      Thanks for your great blog–wish I’d found it when I was just starting as a project manager. Not enough people realize how tough it is.

      There are so many important skills to have, not the least of which are people skills. I’ve been thinking about this lately as our company, Vook has just released a video e-book version (a “Vook”) of Joe Navarro’s Louder than Words. [http://vook.com/product.php?book_id=25] It teaches how to read body language–which actually makes up 80 percent of our communication. With the videos, it is pretty comprehensive.

      Please check out the trailer and let me know if you would like a review copy.

      All the best,


    5. paul naybour Says:

      I was wondering if you would be intereting in swaping blog roll links. Our blog is at http:\\blog.barallelprojecttraining.com. We seem to have common interests.

      Paul naybour

    6. Eric Says:

      Nice Blog. Not so many bloags today allow the community to share their thoughs on project management.

    7. markchristien Says:

      Hello Bruce,
      You have done a great job. nice blog Bruce, In this nice blog i would like to share my few experience with Project Management Software.Currently I am using ValleySpeak Project Server,a Web based Project Management Software.It helped me allot in completing my Projects and it reduced my Project Cost because it is free and Increased my Project efficiency with its collaborative tools.


    8. Just-Starting-Out PM Says:

      Very good and useful blog entries. I am just starting out to be a full-fledged PM. Looking forward to reading more from you. ??

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